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What We Do

Everything we do is founded on robust models of behavioural change and team dynamics. We coach our clients to effectively and confidentially identify where they are in Behavioural Change continuum and to build awareness of the human factors impacting their success. We then implement customized solutions to lead to dramatic improvements in process and outcomes.

What They Say About Us

Anne-Marie Mallet

We were very satisfied with Cohaesio’s services in the resolution of a conflict between an employee and a manager. Dominique’s coaching was professional and efficient. I also recommend their reorientation services following a termination.

Anne Petrus
The Pillars

We hired Sean as part of a leadership development program for a Montreal client. Sean was part of the design as well as the 2-part Team workshop facilitation. The client was impressed with not only the expertise in the subject matter but also the curiosity to know more about the reality of the company, teams and individuals within. Never did Sean make anyone feel ‘’less than worthy’’, in fact he facilitated the session by asking questions and had individuals relate what they could do better moving forward. The client was very satisfied with both sessions not only because of the enthusiasm but also it was rated the best amongst all 8 modules as to what is needed most at this time.

Sarita Verma, BA, LLB, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dean, President and CEO

It was a pleasure to work with Cohaesio on a project that was funded by Health Canada for the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC)…The work was done to a very high degree of excellence and delivered within the appropriate time frame. There was excellent consultation and collaboration among the professionals as well as with our team. The environmental scan has proven to be extremely informative to the project and has laid the foundation for the work that is yet to come. It was a pleasure working with Dominique, Sean and their colleagues.

Lynette Sappe-Watkins, CFRE
PA Foundation
Executive Director

Our project involved an in-house survey-based research component and layered in the expertise of the Cohaesio team for a deeper dive into the survey results through a series of strategically assembled focus groups. Sean and Dominique immersed themselves in the initial data so they could thoughtfully develop a an approach to invite the right audiences and ask the right questions for a robust set of meetings that enhanced our understanding of our constituents interests. Their analysis and reporting on the results brought everything together to provide direction for our strategic plan.

Noël Smith
American Academy of Physician Assistants
Senior Director, PA and Industry Research and Analysis

Sean and Dominique are among the most professional consultants I have worked with. Sean facilitated several online focus groups for us and his preparation surpassed my expectations. Across the life cycle of our project, their work was thorough, their quality was high, and their communication was excellent. I would gladly work with them again in the future.

Sherri Saunders
Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres
Integrated Executive Director

“…Conflict is inevitable and our two learning sessions with Dr. Sean Hayes and Dominique Laverdiere were instrumental in providing new insights and core foundations in order to best manage a conflict…” Read more here

Mike Puddister
Credit Valley Conservation

Early this year we hired Sean Hayes and Dominique Laverdiere to facilitate a workshop with a number staff entitled: “From Teams to Partners: Creating a Collaborative Culture at CVC”. The responses from staff were very positive. Sean and Dominique spent the time to understand the challenges we were dealing with prior to the workshop and were well prepared. During the workshop they provided helpful background on organizational/team culture and were very effective in creating a process that allowed staff to express their opinions in verbal and written form. They helped us take a big step forward in better understanding each other and how we are dealing with change.

Shannon Scott
McGill School of Environment, McGill University, Montreal
Administrative Officer

The McGill School of Environment (MSE) is a pan-disciplinary undergraduate school whose faculty are world-renowned experts in their fields. We hired Dr. Hayes to create an academic workshop in 2017 and he quickly understood cross-discipline programs, team taught course design challenges and experiential learning. Dr. Hayes designed a full day retreat for our professorial team which was practical, energizing and with attainable outcomes that were reflected in a positive, forward thinking agenda. The day reproduced healthy debate and concrete solutions.