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To proactively respond to business disruption, organizational resiliency is critical

Individuals are key to organizational resilience.

In response to pandemic-provoked lock-down in March 2020, organizations globally were forced to rapidly shift to a remote-work environment.  This abrupt business disruption required rapid integration of technology, infrastructure, and processes.  Moreover it triggered substantive stress and concerns for management and team resiliency.

Cohaesio Inc ( has developed an evidence-based training series “Cultivating Resilient Leaders and Teams” to foster and promote the skills to be effective, responsive and resilient in the face of adversity. The training is interactive, customized to the needs and culture of the organization and includes practical tools and instruments for participants.   Key topics include:

  1. Evidence for psychosocial impact of chronic stress on employees and management
  2. Assessment of “Healthy vs. Unhealthy” coping
  3. Steps to facilitate individual and team resilience
  4. Strategies to promote a resilient work environment