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Team performance in rapidly changing environments

Is your organization set up to work in virtual teams and matrix organization?  Do groups come together for short periods of time to implement new systems, process or even work on new product development and projects? How do we equip teams to get optimal results faster, so they can move on to a new project, task or product development?

In a world of constant change, Cohaesio’s Co-founders Dominique Laverdière and Sean M. Hayes have developed an approach in assessing and facilitating improved team performance.

In her years as a project management consultant and more recently as head of Operations in a consulting firm, Dominique Laverdière has had picked team members based, not only on their individual experience and expertise, but on their personality and complementarity to the evolving team.  Her “on the ground” experience and Sean’s in-depth expertise on team dynamics and human behaviour have positioned this preoccupation at the forefront of Cohaesio’s interventions.

To this end, Sean M. Hayes had the honour of being a guest speaker for the McGill University Career & Professional Development department with a talk on High Performing teams in rapidly changing workforce.  View his summary slide here.