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Have you experienced an increase in “Change Fatigue” among your teams?

In today’s business world, strategic and operational transformation is now implemented frequently and often continuously.  This business reality of constant change forces Leaders to rethink the models currently in place.  As a result, management and staff are increasingly subject to “Change Fatigue” that is expressed as apathy, disengagement, and passive or active resistance to transformation initiatives.  The emergence of “Change Fatigue’ poses significant challenges for the Change Management leaders who are charged to operationalize transformation initiatives efficiently and effectively.

Change Management leaders like you thus need to be competent to robustly assess Change Fatigue, to identify the behavioural and attitudinal issues of your teams, to design targeted interventions accordingly, and to proactively implement a risk management plan.  How do you do this while respecting your domain of expertise and scope of work, i.e. by not becoming a team therapist?

We can help you.   We have developed a practical approach informed by evidence-based psychological and organizational change principles.  Our concise coaching modules are oriented to:

  1. Enhance your knowledge and confidence to robustly identify the “below the surface” behavioural and attitudinal issues, using simple and relevant tools
  2. Enable you to integrate “Change Fatigue” awareness into your Change Management plan
  3. Enhance your skills to design the right intervention for the right profile of staff at the right time

Contact us for details on how our coaching modules can help you to democratize change management, empower your teams, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your transformation initiatives.