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Conflict Resolution Workshop

In March and April we had the privilege of working with the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres staff on a series of workshop around conflict resolution.  Here is what they had to say about the sessions.

“With recognition and appreciation that our work within the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres is both rewarding and challenging as our clients and families are often living in conflict, as a learning organization, it is imperative that we provide organizational developmental opportunities to support both personal and professional growth within our team inspiring each individual to achieve their highest potential.  This has been an unprecedented time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with ongoing stressors in both home and work life.  According to the literature, stress is the number one reason for causing workplace conflict and COVID-19 has depleated our surge capacity to manage stress.  In a recent staff survey, respondents indicated that it would be beneficial to invest in further conflict resolution training to improve their professional roles in serving our clients as well as enhancing the team environment.  Conflict is inevitable and our two learning sessions with Dr. Sean Hayes and Dominique Laverdiere were instrumental in providing new insights and core foundations in order to best manage a conflict.  The learning components featured a review of conflict resolution utilizing the six-step framework with consideration of the five emotional intelligence skills.  Stress management,  coping strategies, personality styles and values are key factors when dealing with conflict.  Furthermore, we reviewed the factors impacting workplace conflict, factors impacting conflict in health care, effective teams, tools, guidelines, lived experience discussions and key resources to utilize. Our homework sessions featured case studies through interactive role-playing which further reinforced the application of these tools, frameworks and strategies striving towards resolution.  Overall, this foundational training was very helpful for our team and our organization to best assess, depict and address conflict in the workplace and beyond.”

Sherri Saunders

Integrated Executive Director at Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres