Who We Are

Cohaesio integrates 40 years of collective experience as senior strategic and operational consultants enhancing the behavioural alignment of "People", to optimize organizational strategic change and transformation initiatives.
We work extensively:
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality/Retail
  • Aerospace
  • Financial
  • Academia
  • Not-for-profit
  • Government sectors

  • Dominique Laverdière, CRHA

    For over 20 years, Ms Laverdière has successfully fulfilled multiple roles with a specialized focus on leading teams undertaking significant organizational transformation initiatives. Her interventions and strategic approach ensured a rapid integration of new team members and optimal utilization of the team aggregate talents. Her skills with the combination of strong analysis base, acquired at the beginning of her career, and further specialized training enabled her to assist Executives in all aspect of management. From leading the hiring process to ensuring a cultural climate that favours highly performing teams, she has forged alliances based on trust and respect.

    Ms Laverdière has worked in both small and large enterprises and has collaborated with experienced decision makers. Her communication style is adapted to all levels within an organization, and being fluently bilingual she is at ease with multicultural, multifunctional teams.

    Sean M. Hayes, Psy.D, M.A.

    Dr Hayes consulted with senior management and executives globally for 20 years to identify leadership and staff behavioural issues, and thereafter to enhance team change readiness competencies in order to facilitate successful organizational transformation. His training and experience as a Clinical Psychologist with specialization in “Stress and Coping” combined with his rigorous, confidential approach to assessment enables him to identify in leaders, their teams, and their staff underlying skill gaps, interpersonal conflicts, biases, or communication gaps. His balanced, engaging, and objective style effectively engages all stakeholders regarding sensitive issues, and guides the development of meaningful, actionable change plans to enhance his client’s professional fulfillment and outcomes.

    What we do

  • Assessment of team complexities
  • Corporate systems and cultural evaluations
  • Expert facilitation and team development
  • Behavioural, Team and Cultural transformation
  • Guide optimal behavioural change to align with Strategic and Organizational transformation
  • Align the "People" with a clear and unanimous vision for organization and themselves

    How we work

    Armed with robust, industry-customized assessment tools, Cohaesio diagnoses your unique performance issues, team dynamics, and the organizational culture of your business.

    Building on this evidence, we empower leaders and simultaneously facilitate their teams to understand their own strengths and challenges, and thereafter guide the design and implementation of tailored interventions to align all staff to a unified organizational goal.    

    What we offer

  • Gender compliance vs gender intelligence in professional settings
  • Optimizing team collaboration
  • Integration of new employees: The next generation
  • How to really identify your organizational culture
  • "He said- she said - He said": Covert communications between and among your internal and external customers  

  • What we are about

    Our Mission: Engage and optimize the collective intelligence of resources, to optimize team functioning, to strengthen leaders,
    and fulfill the organizational potential
    Our Vision: Create a universal sense of alignment and shared purpose at all levels of your organization
    Our Values:
  • Respect the diversity of ideas and contributions
  • Unlock the collective potential of your organization
  • Embrace and engage the complexity of team behavior and organizational systems
  • Make the process fun!




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    The Cohaesio Principals

    Dominique Laverdiere, CRHA For over 20 years, Ms Laverdière has

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    First vlog to come!

    Stay tuned for our first vlog!

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